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Class Information

-Class Participants receive a 10% Discount the day of class.
-No discount on class fee, or items that are on hold.
-Classes start promptly at 10:00 AM, please arrive 15 minutes before.
-Participants may NOT bring their own beads to class.
-All Registration fees must be paid at time of booking.
-If you cancel more than one week in advance of the class, a full refund will be issued.
If you cancel within 48 hours of the class date no refund will be given.
-Please note, due to allergies, Dragon's Lair is a perfume free zone.
-All Sales are Final.

Dragon's Lair Beads
 Free Patterns
Santa Earrings

1 -Thread the 3mm black pearl bead onto the head pin. Bend the head pin side ways and using round nose pliers roll over to make a loop. With wire cutters trim excess wire. Repeat for the other black and white 3 mm pearls.

2 – Thread onto the eye pin (one with loop at the bottom) the 8mm red pearl, the 6 mm cream pearl, the 4mm crystal rondell, and the 4mm red pearl. Do a wrapped loop.

3 - Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wire side ways just enough to pick up the white pearl and the Santa body. Close ear wire loop.

4 – Open the bottom loop of the eye pin and add the two black pearls - the feet. Repeat for the other Santa.