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Class Information

-Class Participants receive a 15% Discount the day of class.
-No discount on class fee, wire paid to Jane Christie and or items that are on hold.
-Classes start promptly at 10:00 AM, please arrive 15 minutes before.
-Participants may NOT bring their own beads to class.
-All Registration fees must be paid at time of booking.
-If you cancel more than one week in advance of the class, a full refund will be issued.
If you cancel within 48 hours of the class date no refund will be given.
-Please note, due to allergies, Dragon's Lair is a perfume free zone.
-All Sales are Final.

Free Pattern
Sweet Heart Necklace
You need
You can make this with Swarovski, Preciosa or Chinese Crystal.

3 mm bicone Crystal x40
3 mm bicone Indian Pink or other colour x6
4 mm bicone Crystal x72
4 mm bicone Indian Pink or other colour x160
1 Crystal Heart 10 mm 
3  Seed Beads size 10 or 11
4 Jump Rings
Fireline 6 lb
1 Clasp
The necklace is made in right angle weave stich; you make circles of alternating pink and crystal beads in a figure 8 pattern. The inside row has 3 mm beads at the top, the outside row has 4 mm beads at the bottom. This gives the necklace a gentle curve.

We will start in the center and make the circle closest to the heart.

Thread the needle with a double arm span of Fireline, add one crystal 4 mm, one Indian pink 4 mm, one crystal 3 mm, one Indian pink 4 mm, one crystal 4 mm, one Indian pink 4 mm. one crystal 4 mm, one Indian pink 4 mm and go back through the first crystal 4 mm. Go through the beads again and tie a knot to secure.
Exit out of the 4 mm crystal at the side (3 mm at top, 4 mm at bottom) then start the heart.
Pick up one Indian pink 4 mm bicone, one 3 mm Indian pink bicone, one 4 mm Indian pink bicone, two 3 mm Indian Pink, one seed bead pink, the crystal heart, one seed bead pink, one 3 mm Indian Pink bicone, go back through the 3 mm Indian pink bicone.

1 Indian Pink 4 mm, 1 indian Pink 3 mm, 1 indian Pink 4 mm, 1 Crystal 4 mm (this is where you will connect the necklace later), 6 Indian Pink bicones, 1 3 mm Indian Pink, One seed bead.

Go over the seed bead and back through the 3 mm bicone. Pick up 6 Indian Pink 4 mm then go back through the first 4 mm crystal.

Tip; make sure that you keep the threads pulled snug as you work. Go back through the entire heart again shaping and pulling snug as you go.

When you get back to your first Crystal go back through your first circle exiting the far center crystal (opposite to the one that you exited when making the heart). Continue using right angle weave making figure 8’s and adding new circles till your necklace reaches the desired length when measured from the back of your neck to the center heart, tying off and adding thread as you go.

Finishing Up
In your last circle in place of your middle crystal add 2, 3 mm crystals go around a few times tying knots and finishing your thread. Add a Jump ring between the two crystals, one more jump ring to reduce stress and add your clasp.
This is a modification of a Swarovski Elements free pattern from Dragon’s Lair Beads.