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The owners of Dragon's Lair Beads are pleased to offer space at our tables on a first come first served basis.  Any time there is a scheduled class at the tables, the tables are considered full. To be sure of not being disapointed, please call and check availability.

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Scent Free
Dragon's Lair Beads is pleased to
 provide a scent free environment
for the comfort of our customers and staff. Please do not wear perfume. 

Ultra Suede
The perfect background for your bead embroidery.
Ultra Suede is a soft fabric that comes in a variety of colors and 3 thicknesses it is perfect as a backdrop for your bead embroidery. The fabric is soft against the skin and protects you from the sharp edges of some beads.

Cabochons look stunning when surrounded by beads all sewn on to Ultra Suede in complimentary or vibrant colors. Easy to use, you can create stunning collars or individual pieces to work into a bigger bead project. This fabric is easy to sew through and it doesn’t unravel, it is also washable.

If you have some tips you would like to pass on or would like to place an order please  Contact Us

Bead Embroidery done on Ultra Suede​

The Luna Cabochon is glued to the Ultra Suede and then a bead fringe ​is added.
Ultra Suede comes in 3 weights, Light, Soft and Regular. We also recommend the following sizes which are measured in inches.

2 ½ x 2 ½
Perfect for individual stone backing

5 x 6
A perfect size for larger stones with more beads or a few smaller stones, it can also be used as the backing for small projects.

10 x 14
This size is ideal for larger projects, insides of beaded bags, and collar style necklaces.

Size         ​2 1/2 Inches x 2 1/2 Inches

Regular fabric
Burgundy, Peach Cobbler, Slate Blue, Mayan, Dark Jade, Pea Green, Olive,
Pea Green, Majestic Purple, Tulip​

Light fabric
Blue, Flash Red, Black Noir, Melon, Brownstone
Size     ​5 Inches x 6 Inches

Regular fabric
Aqua, Peach Cobbler, Slate Blue

Light fabric
Summer Brown, Pea Green, Ivory, Burgundy, Mayan, Oliver, Dark Jade, Saffron

Regular fabric

Soft fabric

Light fabric
Black Noir, Brownstone, Blue, Flash Red

Size    ​10 Inches by 14 Inches

Regular Fabric
Aqua, Peach Cobbler, Slate Blue

Light Fabric
Summer Brown, Pea Green, Ivory, Burgundy, Saffron

Regular fabric
Melon, Rapture​

Soft fabric

Light fabric
Black Noir, Brownstone, Blue, Flash Red

Lacy’s Stiff Stuff
8.5 inches x 11 inches
​You can use this product as a beading foundation. It is used for beading around cabochons, bead appliqué, sewing and more. It is stiff and durable yet the needle goes through it easily. You can also dye it.